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       The camp is located near several interesting seasonal attractions.   Lake Lure is definitely your destination for multi-sport adventures and stunning beauty.  Cradled in the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the iconic town of Lake Lure is a majestic escape brimming with lush forest and a pristine man-made lake.  Here the backdrop ranges from luxury resorts to mountain-lover's paradise, providing a getaway that's for all types of travelers. You can find yourself involved in activities or places including:
  • Chimney Rock Village
  • The Lake:   where you can rent a boat, take a guided tour, paddle, ski, jump off a dock
  • Splash on the Beach
  • Stroll across the Flowering Bridge
  • Hike wooded paths
  • Attend Festivals including:  Dirty Dancing, Olympiad Sports, Annual Spring-Go, and the Arts & Crafts Festivals! 
  • Two Stables and Zip Lining 
  • Lots of Golfing!
  • For the most current festival news, schedules and information, call the Welcome Center at 800-849-5998 or visit 
       Please check this page again soon, as we will possibly be adding information on discounts for many of the local activities.
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